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Can Cannabis Concentrates & Live Resin Go Bad ?

live resin

Are you guys wondering how long you can keep Live Resin around before it gets stale ? Don’t throw it away yet, stay tuned and this quick read will gear you up with the need-to-knows on the shelf life of this kind of product.

Despite what you may think OR have been told, It lasts longer than you think !

Each of us has a different favoured method of consuming Cannabis. Some people like to smoke joints, while others prefer to vape and then of course we have our edible lovers.

The wonderful thing about cannabis, especially these days, is the range of consumption options out there. These options can vary depending on factors such as:

How soon do you want the affects to appear?

Does the flavour matter to you?

Do you like to smoke?

Do you require portability and discretion?

There is a product out there for everyone. You just have to find what works for you…

One of the most widely used cannabis products today includes resin, a concentrate and extract.  In actuality, living resin makes up the majority of available shatters and concentrates.

Depending on how often they are smoked, these products are highly potent and can last for a very long period. Ever stumble upon some shatter that’s been in your top drawer so long you forgot about it?

So naturally, now you are wondering if its still good…

Before we dive into shelf life, lets first give you the low-down on resin and what exactly it is.

How is Live Resin Made?

Well for starters its the most widely used cannabis concentrate. Customers who seek powerful and quick-acting effects have come to love it.

Resin is extracted from the Cannabis Plant. The plants are first frozen, then a solvent is added, followed by pressure, to extract the powerful liquids known as living resin.

Resin is a favourite among concentrate users and thats because it contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant from which it was derived. All of the terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved when it is frozen, making the experience most genuine to the plant.

Due to their similar sticky, black, liquid-like textures, other concentrates, including live rosin, might be mistaken for live resin. Do not get confused between the two, were here to tell you that these concentrates differ from one another, significantly.

Difference Between Live Resin and Rosin

The production process and output of live resin and live rosin also differ from one another.

resin vs rosin

While live rosin is extracted without the use of solvents, live resin extraction occurs by using light hydrocarbons like butane and propane(solvents). A rosin press is used in this procedure to extract the resin alone by applying heat and pressure.

Resin is far more potent than dried cannabis flower since it is a concentrated version.

**Keep this in mind and until you figure out where you are comfortable with the high and effects produced by such concentrates, it’s always a good idea to take things slow.**

Does Resin Go Bad?

Live resin can deteriorate with time, just like dried flower does. However, there is a significant distinction between a product decaying and turning bad.

Even after a year, live resin won’t go bad. Just know, it probably won’t have the same impact as when you originally bought it.

Cannabis Extract typically has a shelf life of one year or less. However, during that time, these concentrates will lose about 25% of their effectiveness.

THC metabolises into the cannabinoid CBN over time, much like dried flower does. CBN is reported to have drowsy and calming effects with a small percentage of THC’s strength. It can be thought of as a “weaker THC”.

Therefore, nucleation, a comparable process, occurs in aged living resin. Accordingly, the cannabinoids in live resin will start to segregate based on factors such as:

1.What’s the product’s age?
2. Where is the item kept?
3. The storage area’s temperature
4. Your concentrate’s physical colour will start to change into a darker, rustier tone, which is a sign that it is beginning to decay.

While smoking outdated live resin, won’t kill you, or even harm you-it might not have the results you are looking for because it may have deteriorated. Having said that, always give it a try because the last thing you want to do is throw away a valuable concentrate that might still be useful…

live resin

How To Properly Store Live Resin to Make Sure it Lasts as Long as Possible…

The shelf-life of living resin can be impacted by a few different things, as we previously discussed. The shelf life of living resin can be effected by factors like lighting, storage and temperature.

Before it starts to lose its effectiveness, a high-quality live resin product should last you roughly six months. When extending the shelf life of living resin..


1.Live resin should be kept in a colder environment away from heat sources and windows.
2.Keep live resin away from light and the sun.
3.To prevent moisture build up, store live resin in an airtight container.

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