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Spice up your Boring Old Bong Water

bong water

Seasoned stoners use their bongs in quite creative ways. Occasionally, we suppose, out of boredom and sometimes due to a real practical need. Either way, it is typically motivated by the collective “creative high” we all enjoy after coming up with the best idea ever…alternatives for your bong water.

Contrary to popular belief, bongs are frequently filled with substances other than pure water. They obviously experience different levels of “success.” Instead of using boring lukewarm or cold water when you feel like trying something different, today we bring you several new ideas to try out in your water pipe. Lets spice things up a bit.

Hot Water

Although it may not seem obvious, using hot bong water is a good choice.

Actually, the steam from hot water smoothes out your smoke and enables you to take bigger hits.

The steam has a very calming effect and significantly improves the flavour of your herbs. 

Hot Tea

For the same reasons that pure hot water is a popular substitute, this one is too. Mint tea for bong water is one of the most tried and true, but all other varieties should work.

If you’ve ever smoked menthol, you’ll be familiar with the effects of mint tea-flavored bong hits. a calm, relaxing sensation.

Other tea varieties will do the trick too and may even pair well with your preferred herb varieties. Think outside the box…

Lemon Water

It gives your toke a tangy flavour and blends well with dry herbs that have a citrus flavour.

This is quick and easy to setup too, takes less then a minute. Lemons should be cut in half, squeezed into water, stir and pour into the bong. All set.

This very hydrating beverage enhances the flavour of your dry herbs and works well as a bong water replacement.

The Bonus? Lemons are a natural cleaning agent, therefore lemonade will have another advantage over other methods in that it won’t leave as many stains behind.


Some scream “Ewwwww,” while others say “MMMmmm.” Your taste buds will decide and let you know what’s up.  You’ll most likely enjoy it, especially if you are a soda drinker and welcome the change.  

Allowing the soda to go flat or at the very least waiting until the majority of the bubbles have dissipated would be the best idea.  We are not HUGE fans of this option-but hey were always up for trying something new so pick your favourite soda and tell us what you think.


Snow is a key bong water solution, Essentially were talking about water in a different state here and it is quite effective.  Cold enough to mimic an ice bong but warm enough to have the same effects as regular bong water.

When you have the chance, try it. You can be sure some huge rips will be happening, and filling your bong with snow brings out your inner child. So next time it snows, get out there and collect that fresh powder… your lungs will thank you.

Fruit Infused Water

Water itself doesn’t have to be plain and boring. To make the experience more rich, you may also add fruity infusions to your piece and take pleasure in a great flavour hit.

It could be worthwhile to spend money on a bong with separate chambers expressly for infusion because, as the saying goes, it could get rather filthy. Fruit is full of sugary stick fibers, so keep this in mind before you go diving in head first with this one guys. Just know you’ll have to have a cleaning session that follows. These fruity flavoured puffs are worth it, don’t just take our word for it-please try it yourself and give us some feedback…

A Word to the Wise…

You can use a variety of other liquids and combinations for bong water. Be creative, but also sensible.  Use this general rule and you should be safe:  Do not put it in your bong if you wouldn’t drink it.

Also keep in mind that cleaning bongs can be difficult even without trying water substitutes.

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