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How to Smoke Weed

how to smoke weed

So you wanna get blazed but you don’t know where to start ?

Well then, Lets get right into it, we’re not here to waste your time.

First lets get familiar with the anatomy of a weed pipe, assuming this is what you will be using 🙂 Then, we will move on to how to smoke weed with that pipe.

Elements of a Marijuana Pipe

The cannabis pipe has been modified from conventional tobacco pipes and shares many of their common features.

A pipe includes:

Round bowl: used for lighting and packing cannabis
Chamber: The area where smoke flows between the bowl and the mouthpiece.
Mouth Piece : Where you inhale smoke through.
Carb: airflow control hole in the side, typically beside the bowl, that is alternately covered and exposed.

how to smoke weed
How to smoke weed – Anatomy of a pipe

The most popular material for cannabis pipes today is borosilicate glass because of how adaptable the material is, but they may also be manufactured from metal, wood, ceramics, and a variety of other materials. In addition, they might vary greatly in terms of capability, availability, complexity, size and design.

Due to its design, a typical, basic type of pipe is referred to as a “spoon.” If you’re new to cannabis, these are the finest pipes to start with because they are compact, simple to use, and usually affordable.

Okay now that we are familiar with the unit, let’s get to the main attraction here how to put that in your pipe and smoke it...My Grasshopper’s Weed Dispensary is here to walk you through this adventure, step by step ! If you guys have any questions please feel free to comment below, or on our Facebook page- we will get back to you as soon as we see it!

How is a bowl smoked?

A hand pipe is typically used to smoke a bowl, but there are a few different ways to smoke weed, smoking a bowl can refer to any method of lighting and inhaling dried herb (bongs, chillums, etc). The pipe’s circular basin serves as the bowl itself. This is the part you fill with your preferred type of bud, but only after grinding it down with a grinder. Keep grinding until your dried herb has a consistent uniform texture.

This way it will burn evenly and you will get the most out of your doja.

Fill the bowl to your liking-It’s not necessary to pack it completely or firmly because doing so can hinder ventilation.

how to smoke weed
Packing the Bowl (how to smoke weed)

As we already covered, the majority of pipes have a “carb,” or small hole, on one side. With a tiny lighter, fire the herb, then take a slow, gentle breath in, plugging and releasing the carb. This regulates the burn and the airflow to the dry herb.

“Hits” are the smoke inhalations that occur.

Often first time smokers don’t inhale enough to get lit…

Assuming that is the goal here 🙂 Make sure that your breath in is deep and full to prevent improper inhalation and wasting your hits. Some individuals advise holding the hit for up to 30 seconds, but this is not required if you have inhaled completely. You might cough.

This is typical and the way things are. Even seasoned smokers frequently cough; here is how you can tell if you took a decent and proper dose.

how to smoke weed
Exhale…Relax, Enjoy.

Now that’s how to smoke weed…

Get lit, Stay High, Keep it Real.

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how to smoke weed

How to Smoke Weed – Dope Session

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